812 St. Andrews Drive
Swift Current, SK
Canada S9H 1L1

The story of Berins

Berins is the result of the joint expertise of Lori Nestore, (aka the Wax Queen) and Count Christian Des Garet. Nestore is a highly regarded educator and president of Eva’s Esthetics. Des Garet is a leading chemist with over 50 registered patents in the wax and perfume industry. He was the first to introduce polymer into depilation products and thus revolutionizing the waxing industry. Berins products are warmed at low heat and their creamy texture makes them less brittle and less sticky than traditional wax. Berins offers top of the line products that make waxing more efficient for the technician and more comfortable for the client.

Berins® Blue - Hard wax with no strips. Polymers in this formulation allows for flexibility without getting brittle or breaking. Removes fine and coarse hair. Due to low temperature, application minimizes irritation. Use for face, underarms, and bikini.

Berins® Ease - Soft wax with strips. A creamy wax that removes both fine and coarse hair with a single application. An ideal speed wax, allowing large areas to be covered at one time without fear of setting up or drying too quickly. No stickiness for easy clean-up. Use for arms, legs, back and chest.

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